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We specialize in documenting WEDDINGS and Family Lifestyles. Taking an artistic and photojournalistic approach, Labra Photography not only document the event but also capture the story of love that will never be forgotten. We are serving the beautiful San Francisco-Bay Area and surrounding cities..

Hello, this is Edeelin!

Aside from being a photographer, I am also a wife, a friend, but most of all a mother. Being blessed with four wonderful children,  I am privileged to share some of the most important moments in their lives. From their first steps, to their high school graduation, there is no greater joy for a mother like me, than to watch my children grow and become who they are today. My goal as a photographer is to capture special moments such as those. 

For us, photography was simply a hobby that transformed into a passion. For several years, I would take a lot of pictures of my relatives and friends. It was more then just a snap of the shutter; it was capturing memories that could be cherished and passed down forever. My daughter Jasmin on the other hand, was vastly intrigued by conceptual photography. To her, a picture portrayed stories, and she had the undeniable gift of storytelling through photographs. After several compliments on our work from friends and family, we decided to put our skills together and create a photography business. With my ability to capture emotion and Jasmin's drive to convey a message, we became the dynamic mother and daughter duo. As wedding photographers, my daughter and I treat photographs as emotional reminders instead of momentary captures, we can help you feel and preserve your emotions more vividly. Therefore your wedding photos become more valuable in the long run because they are stronger, richer feelings tied to you! 

Rest assured that we will do our best to capture every moment at your dream wedding.

To know us more, and see if we are a match to what you are expecting from a wedding photographer, please visit our FAQ.

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Meet  my daughter Jasmin! :)

Thankful for a daughter that loves God! I cherished this thought that she shared on her IG and just wanted to share it here! 

"I admit it, I'm a photo hoarder. From countless polaroids to excessive digital files... you can always catch me taking a photo. As detrimental as it has been to my iPhone memory, it hasn't been to my personal memories. Looking back, it's amazing to see how God has stitched all these little pieces of my life together perfectly. The best part? He's not done yet! The tens of thousands of photos I've collected throughout the years is merely a snapshot of the whole picture Christ has in store. So TRUST God through all the images even the ugly, dark, blurry ones that allow Him to develop us into the only image that matters- HIS image. He has something better than photoshop, it's called Grace. There's always a new memories to capture as we let Christ capture our heart."

Jasmin was only fifteen when she started doing wedding and portrait photography.  As a child, she was always fond of art. At the age of twelve, a love for photography sparked, photography was art to her. It has since then grown into a much greater passion. She is well-known for her conceptual and unique photography style. She uses photography to capture not only moments, but to tell stories that speak far more than a thousand words. She constantly seeks new ways to be creative. She is currently in College and would still accept some portraits and small events in the campus!

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