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How many hours do you think we should hire you?

It really depends upon the size of your wedding and what you want to accomplish with your wedding photos. Some couples only need us for a few hours while others really value every moment being captured. We can stay until the very end, it's all up to you! 

If you are working with a tight budget you may want to consider hiring us for a set number of hours only. It’s better to hire a photographer with experience for less hours than to hire a newbie to cover the whole wedding. Remember, this is your wedding day. Capturing precious moments that will last a lifetime is priceless!  

Click -->Sample Wedding Photography Coverage so you will get a better idea of what a photography timeline usually covers.

What locations do you service?

We can travel anywhere in the Bay Area and  surrounding areas, at least within 2 hour radius from our location. We would also gladly accept weddings throughout California or any states, travel and accommodation expenses will be added to your package.  

What is your pricing?

Our rates and packages vary by hours and location.  For a customized quote,  fill out this wedding photography inquiry or shoot me an email and I will send you the information and option of packages that you need. 

How would you describe your style of photography?

I like covering weddings in a documentary style. This means, I will follow you throughout the wedding day to capture the beauty and emotion of the day-- in the small moment and personal touches, as well as the big, dramatic events. I also would like to have  a 15-30 minutes  alone with the bride and groom. I do believe there should be a time and place for gorgeous, romantic and casually posed images exclusively for the bride and groom! My personality is very calm, soft spoken and will never ever make you feel uncomfortable!

Do you edit all your images?

Absolutely! We edit and color correct every image in our gallery. Our photos are an expression of who we are as artists and individuals.Our edits are required to create an image that's truly indicative of our style. 

What's your style of editing?

Light and airy, not too saturated, soft and dreamy but sharp! About 10% or less of the images would be in black and white. The images in our portfolio and on our website will give you a good idea of what our editing looks like.

How many photos do we get from our wedding?

It depends on the number of hours of shooting, how big the wedding etc. There is no standard number,  with a long day of shooting around 500-800 edited images. An additional 50% more images with 2 shooters covering the event.

Do you give the rest of the images you didn't edit?

No. Rest assured though that all your great photos are delivered to you! We are very generous with the quantity of our photos. A few shots are simply visual exposure tests. Many of the shots are the wrong millisecond of the pose, instead capturing an awkward mid-stride. We hand pick the best for you even the outtakes for fun-you will get them too! Our aim is to provide our clients with only beautiful images you can sit around and browse through for generations to come.

Do you print our photos?

I have chosen a trusted photo lab for your pictures and you can order online through your gallery.  Standard sizes are very affordable! BUT you are not oblige to order in our photo lab and free to use any photo lab of your choice; your contract with us will serve as your PRINT RELEASE - for personal use. 

When do we book you?

ASAP. Most of our clients booked us within a year of their wedding date, sometimes as close as one-two months prior..  To be fair, I can't hold a date without a retainer fee and a signed contract. I accept bookings on a first signed/first served basis.

Do you work with an assistant or a second photographer?

Not all the time! I am able to work by myself and if your budget don't allow you to have a second photographer then you can choose the option without a second photographer. Whenever we're available you will have me or my daughter as the lead photographer! :)

What is the advantage of having a second photographer?

Sometimes the second photographer may have the best perspective which the lead photographer might have missed, and 50% more images. It is recommended to have two photographers to document a big event--great to get more angles, details, cover more guests and have different perspectives of the bride and groom during ceremony! No two photographers are created equally. With a second photographer at your wedding, you really are getting the benefit of two different photographers. Twice the experience, twice the creativity... but everything coming from that second photographer is different than what you get from me. :)

What kind of equipments and gears do you use or carry during the wedding event?

I carry at least 2 bodies of full frame Sony cameras. Lenses I use range  from high end Carl Zeiss and Minolta G lenses; prime lenses are my favorites for portraits!  And of course, lots of extra--camera batteries and chargers,  memory cards, external camera flashes and batteries.. But remember, you should be hiring a professional not because of the gears they use or how expensive their cameras are, anybody can just buy an expensive camera, but do they have a good eye? The impact of an image will still depend on the subject matter, the composition, and the light and most important - the vision of the photographer.  For me, photographer's vision and creativity first, and  then tools follow. 

Do you include family photos too?

Yes, my aim is to capture your moments of togetherness!  I am not the kind of photographer that will pose your family like in a studio, and our time is very limited.  I will not be yelling at you or your family either if they're not paying attention. (That's not me at all)  I have a softer way of speaking and instructing. What I'd like to ask is  to please  designate a family member or two (one from the bride’s side and one from the groom’s side) to assist the photographer with your "must take list" - this is to keep things moving quickly and smoothly for the sake of strictly following the timeline. Since your photographer will most likely not know everyone, this person is key to efficient photos because they are able to gather these people around during the casual posed family photos.

Can our relatives and friends take pictures too?

Of course! I am there to document your special day, including people taking their own photos :) but I just have one request-- to please not interfere with our duties. We cannot be held liable for lack of wedding photos if guests taking their own photos of the Clients continually interrupt with the photographer's work. In other words, guests should not be on our way! You have the option also to have an unplugged ceremony meaning-- no cellphone pictures or videos during the ceremony so you can see your guests faces and not hiding in their cellphones. You can request your officiant to say something like -- "Due to intimacy of the ceremony, please put your cellphones away and refrain from taking pictures and videos so you can fully enjoy this special moment. They hired a professional(s) and would gladly share the pictures with you all."

How do you work with a videographer?

Photographer and videographer working together means that we will be conscious of one another’s shots, and not step in the middle or block the lighting. As a professional, I am always considerate of the videographer — and hoping they will return the kindness too! 

Be rest assured that we are courteous and considerate when shooting, guests and church officials will remember us  for all the wrong reason if we are a distraction. 

Whenever I shoot a wedding especially during ceremony,  I am always very aware of my surroundings (that includes the videographer).. Although I  constantly look for photo opportunities all the time, I try to blend into the background as well! I respect the view of the people in the front row like the families of the bride and groom and I try to avoid stepping in front of them especially during critical moments like saying of the vows and exchanging of rings. I generally try to get a spot in the aisle for these shots and that way I don’t obstruct anyone’s view. I  never want to distract from the bride & groom on their special day and always make the best effort to try and maintain a respectable distance during the ceremony and move around discreetly without attracting too much attention.  

Can we give you a "shot list"?

You can, but I prefer not. Let me explain. I generally capture images without prompting. If you'll provide me with a long list of shots, this will result in a lesser documentary coverage and more time spent rounding up guests to check the groupings off of your list. We don't want you to be stressed on your wedding day. Just provide me a copy of  your wedding timeline and relax and leave the coverage to us! The only time you will need to gather your immediate family members is after the ceremony for family posed photos.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have a general liability insurance which most venues require. If you need a copy to submit to your venue, let me know ahead of time, at least 2 months in advance.

Do you shoot events outdoors or indoors?

We are both familiar with the use of natural lighting outdoors and we use an external camera flash for indoor events if allowed, if not then we know very well how to control our camera manually (the reason why why you should hire us) -  we can still produce an outstanding images even in the dark! (A good example of this is a Catholic ceremony where they restrict the use of a camera flash).

All photographers like good lighting. Of course, me too! But if there's a bad light we don't let it stand on our way. We know how to create it, shape it, direct it, and conquer it! 

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Of course! I love engagement sessions! This is the time I get to know a little bit of you guys before your big day and established a relationship where you can be confident on me capturing your big day.

Do you take "first look shots"?

Yes, but this is all up to you though.  It's your choice! A First Look is when a bride and groom see one another before the wedding ceremony in a very special moment. No words can describe the tender emotions and reactions of that instant when the couple sees each other for the first time on the most important day of their love story. I so love capturing these beautiful unforgettable moments..

How long you've been a wedding photographer?

I've been capturing precious moments for over 20 years. My daughter and I started commercializing our talents as wedding photographers mid 2014. Our images speak volumes! Please kindly check our website page section - "About Us".

How many weddings do you shoot in a year?

On average at least 2 weddings a month and on a very  busy months --one - two weddings a week (during wedding season). My slowest months are December, January and February. 

Is this your full time job?

Yes. I am passionate about this and this is my only source of income.

What is the "online gallery" you mentioned in your packages?

The online gallery is a section on my website where all your edited high resolution quality wedding photographs will be placed online. This is an unlisted link that I will send to you via email. You can share this link, downloads all photos, and order prints. If you prefer to have a password protected gallery just let me know, and I will put a password on your online gallery. This is already unlisted, so only the people you shared the link with, will have an access to it.

Do you provide a USB flash drive of all the images?

Yes, even if you have already your online gallery which you can download high resolution images also, I'd like to give you a USB for your convenience, so you can print the images in any photo lab you chooses or just to carry it around with you, just don't lose it!! :)

It's $75 for every additional USB requested

*Depending on our contract, sometimes for a small wedding a USB will not be included. 

*USB is only available for a wedding coverage, your engagement photos will be sent to you via online gallery.

Do we get the full copyrights of our images? 

NO. “Copyright-describes the rights given to creators for their literary and artistic works." It's a law. BUT you will be granted the permission to print our images to any photo lab of your choice and share your photos.All of these are stated in our contact.

To better understand the Copyright law please click -- Copyright law

What's your turnaround - time for our photos?

A sneak peek is given in 2-5 days for weddings. Images from a full day wedding are available in 2-6 weeks. Images from Individual, Family & Engagement Session are available in 2-5 days. I know how excited you will be to see your photos after the wedding, so I am passionate about getting them to you promptly! 

Why do wedding images take so long to deliver to us?

Let’s face it, sometimes good things take time!

There are a lot of factors that go into amazing images, and while a picture straight out of the camera can be nice, an edited image can be breathtaking!  For us, we quote up to 6 weeks, but typically deliver your photos in 3 weeks or less! Depending on the number of weddings I had on that month. Again, I am passionate in getting them to you promptly!

What is your payment schedule?

A signed contract and a retainer fee of 1/3 of the package amount is due to hold and save your date. Your final balance is due 1-2 weeks before your wedding date. I will send you an email reminder when your payment is due. I do require a full payment before the event so you will just be concentrated to your event and not worry about forgetting to bring your check book! 

Is the retainer fee refundable in case I cancel my wedding?

The retainer fee is non refundable. The retainer fee guarantees that I'll hold your date exclusively for you! And once you've signed the contract, I'll turn down all other inquiries for your wedding date.

Can I see a contract?

Yes! I'll be happy to show you via email what my standard contract looks like, you will be able to thoroughly review before you sign and put deposit.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

It would be really kind if you do, but it's not a contracted requirement. Feeding us ensures we stay cheerful, mobile and that we don't faint! :) We prefer to be fed when you are fed, not afterwards because when you are eating, you and your guests are not at your most photogenic. This is just a 15-30 minute break! :)

What if you become sick during our wedding?

This has not happened to me, hope not!  There are two possibilities in this situation, both of which are explained in my contract. The first is that I will make every effort to find a suitable replacement. I have a wide acquaintance with the talented and dedicated photography community in my area, and I am confident that I could find a replacement who would do an excellent job, with the same style as us and I'll send them to you! Images will still be under Labra Photography and I will edit them personally. My daughter and husband can also back up for me. The second option is-- if you don't wish me to find a replacement, I will refund all your payments so that you can make an alternate arrangements.

Do you make a wedding album?

Yes! While many programs offer DIY options in designing your own album, let your photographer design a customized layout that's distinctive and unique!

Why is wedding photography so  expensive? 

It's a luxury service that you will get to enjoy and cherish the captured moments in your lifetime..

What mode of payment do you accept? 

Cash, check or credit card via Paypal only. 

Do you shoot other kinds of photography aside from weddings?

Yes, occasionally other big events such as silver & golden wedding anniversaries, Filipino debuts & Latino quinceaneras, lifestyles such as family & individual portraits. 

Do you post our pictures on social networks like  Facebook or Instagram?

My attention is mostly on editing your images after the wedding, so I can give them to you promptly!   If I am not busy, and my schedule is not that hectic, sometimes I love to share my work and post some images on Facebook or Instagram! 

Do you offer discounts for off-season or non Saturday events?

Yes, occasionally discounts are available depending on the time of the year, my travel schedule and availability. If you have concerns about your budget please kindly let me know. 

Feel free to ask any other further questions you may have in mind.

I am very reachable via email and text.

Email : Labra Photography

Contact Number : 707-334-4557

For Inquiries, Please kindly fill out --

Wedding Photography Inquiry

Family and Individual Portrait Inquiry 


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